Milton Keynes Boundary Walk – Day 2

Today I did my second stage of the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk, from somewhere near the village of Hanslope to Weston Underwood, about 7.5 miles each way. A pleasant but not exceptional walk, mainly through a mixture of arable fields and cattle pastures. A short stretch through Selcey Forest was the only woodland all day. It was a very warm day (only second time this summer I’ve worn shorts) with the temperature up to about 25C. Lots of butterflies – Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Ringlet. Not so many wildflowers, though I saw my first Evening Primrose and some Borage, which I really like even though it’s a weed [EDIT: As Duxbury Rambler has pointed out, it’s not a weed at all! Don’t know where I got that idea from.]. Some nice views over the undulating landscape, and Ravenstone and Weston Underwood were attractive villages built from the local yellow stone. Ravenstone had many thatched cottages, too.

Had a problem where the path was blocked and impassable, the first time this has happened to me on one of these long-distance paths.

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