Milton Keynes Boundary Walk – Day 7

A very nice walk today – would have appreciated it if someone had turned the sun down a couple of degrees or so, though! It wasn’t too bad, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any warmer. I’m definitely better at walking in the cold than in hot weather.

The walk got off to a great start when I saw three Roe deer in the first field I crossed! A few minutes later I heard and then saw a Buzzard.

The route took me across the A5 and through fields to Great Brickhill, where I descended from the Greensand Ridge to the flat plain where Milton Keynes lies below (this was the only hill on the route). I soon reached a lane which took me to the Grand Union Canal. I followed the canal towpath for about half a mile, then followed a bridleway right on the edge of part of MK. A farm drive, some field paths, a lane and some more field paths took me to Newton Longville. Finally a path through some overgrown pastures and then a corn field took me to a track called Weasel Lane, where I turned round.

This was a good walk, with a variety of scenery. I passed through fields containing Bullocks, Sheep, Horses and, unusually, Goats. There were a few fields that were ‘set aside’ and several corn fields. Just before Newton Longville was an old-fashioned hay meadow, absolutely full of white and yellow flowers, including some type of Trefoil. I didn’t identify too many wildflowers today, but I did see some Musk Mallow again, with its lovely large pink flowers.

Just one more day to go – I’ll probably finish the MKBW on Monday, and then add my journal for it to my web siteĀ a few days later.

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