Nettleden, Hudnall again

Today’s walk was probably a mistake. I’ve decided to add some of the walks I’ve been doing in the Chilterns to my web site, and thought I should also include some of my ‘local’ walks. So I did this walk today, despite having done it just a couple of weeks ago, with the intent of taking lots of photos to put on the web. Unfortunately, today was a grey and dank day, a bit misty at times, and so although I took 95 photos, the weather conditions mean they don’t do the walk justice. All the views are severely restricted. So I’m not sure whether to add them to the site or not – I probably will, and then replace the photos if I do the walk again in better conditions.

Nothing really to add about the walk, having described the route already just recently. There were no wildlife sitings to report, which was most unusual. There were the usual phasants, rabbits and squirrels which I don’t normally mention as I almost always see them. I did see a Green Woodpecker in Whipsnade churchyard, but again that is not an unusual bird for me to see on a walk.

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