Trip to Ipswich

I’ve just got back from a quick visit to Ipswich to see all my friends there, staying with my friend Kev for a couple of nights. On Sunday morning, the two of us drove to Needham Market, where Glyn led us on a two hour walk. Stu and Sally and Martin B also came with us, while Linda stayed behind to keep Wendy company. The walk took  us across fields towards Barking and on through  a large wood, before more field paths brought us back to Needham Market. We had some light rain for about an hour, but it was never too heavy. It was good to have a lengthy chat with my friends as we walked round, and we stopped at a pub back in Needham for a light lunch (first time I’ve had a toasted sandwich for years – delicious!).

In the evening, we had a Christmas meal at The Ship in Levington (a village near the river Orwell, just east of Ipswich). This was the main point of me going over to Ipswich, the group of us always have a Christmas meal together each year. It was the same friends as earlier, plus Martin W, Dave, Barry and Cynthia – Stu and Sally couldn’t come for the meal as they had an engagement elsewhere, but turned up for  a pre-dinner drink when we all exchanged Christmas cards. The food was very good (I had guinea fowl, duck and chocolate mousse – yum,yum!) and the service very friendly and efficient. Again it was great to chat to all my friends again, and everybody had a very enjoyable time (so thanks, Linda, for organising it!)

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