Just a couple of things …

Things are very quiet here in Kensworth at the moment, the continuing rainy weather keeping me indoors. My parents and I are all sharing a cold at the moment, too. Highlight of the week has been seeing┬ásome Bramblings in the garden for the first time ever! I’ve seen one or two of them a couple of times this week, they seem to be hanging out with our regular visitors ‘the greenfinch gang’.

Just a couple of points to say about this blog (I think that’s an acronym for ‘Boring Load Of Gibberish’, by the way!). I’ve added my contact details (see post near top of the column on the right) so that you can email me. I know people do read this blog, I’d love to know who you are and hear your thoughts. Secondly, you’ve probably noticed I am now including some photos occasionally. These are actually ‘hosted’ on the Wild About Britain web site (where I have another blog and where I’m a fairly regular poster using the nickname ‘Pete Collins’ – original, eh!). If you click on any photo, it is enlarged in a new window on that site.

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