Coombe Hill and the Hampdens yet again!

Yet again I returned to one of my favourite areas in the Chilterns, walking from Coombe Hill through the villages of Little Hampden and Great Hampden and returning via the great viewing point of Whiteleaf Hill. I’m not going to say anything more about the route, as in the next day or so I intend adding the walk to my web site (about time I added another walk to it!).

I was in two minds about doing the walk today – I wanted to do it on a fine day, and today was forecast to be the last day of the gorgeous weather we’ve had for almost a week now. On the other hand, walking today would mean my fourth walk in five days and I didn’t want such an enjoyable walk marred by aching limbs. Anyway, I’m very glad I did decide to go, although I’m feeling pretty tired right now!

It took me almost five hours to walk about 12.5 miles, which is ridiculously slow, but then I did stop to take just over 100 photos (I fiddled with the camera settings much more than usual too, as I struggle to improve my photography) – and my legs were tired after my previous walks.

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