Red Kite in Kensworth!

(Entry copied from my WAB blog)

Red Kite

I’m so excited! At long last I’ve seen a Red Kite here in Kensworth! It flew over at about 12.45pm today as I was out photographing birds in the garden again. So I was able to get this poor quality photo of it.

I love these birds – every time I see one they lift my spirits, especially when I’m out walking. I love their colouring, the distinctive shape of their tail, their plaintive calls and the way that they don’t seem to fear humans the way other birds of prey do. They have often flown very low over my head as I’ve been out walking, and they are often to be seen in towns and villages, not just out in the country.

It’s been an ambition of mine to see a Red Kite in Kensworth for a couple of years or more. I often see them in the western part of the Chilterns, but they are only gradually spreading eastwards towards Bedfordshire.

The other interesting sighting today was a Long-tailed Tit tapping on the dining room window!

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