Totternhoe Quarry again

(Entry copied from my WAB blog)

I went back to the reserve at Totternhoe Quarry again this afternoon. I found no less than 5 Man Orchids, but all were past there best. When I first went I found just one, but found four the next time I went. As I discovered today, the one on its own is just a few feet from the other four. On the opposite side of the track were a couple of Bee Orchids.

There were numerous Common Spotted Orchids and Common Twayblades, and the Pyramidal Orchids have now come out (they were few and far between last week). There was a lot of Selfheal, Silverweed and Sainfoin, and I also saw Clustered Bellflower, Common Toadflax and Eyebright.

I also saw my first Marbled White butterflies of the year.

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