Short local walk again

This morning I did the same two-hour local walk that I did a week or so ago, through Whipsnade Heath to the Downs, down to the foot of Bison Hill and back up it to Whipsnade, then returning home via Holywell and Dovehouse Lane.

It was windy but quite bright when I left home about 10.15am, but by the time I got to the Downs it had clouded over and was quite grey. There was a very brief shower just as I reached the green at Whipsnade. I didn’t see anything in the way of wildlife, and only a few wildflowers – Herb Robert, Enchanter’s Nightshade, Yellow-wort, Harebell and Clustered Bellflower (the latter three all on the steep chalky path up Bison Hill).

Again I loaded my rucksack with a couple of heavy books – I didn’t really notice the extra weight, so maybe I’m getting used to it and might try it on a longer walk. But I must admit that for some reason I feel very tired this afternoon, much more so than when I come home from an all-day walk. But I think it’s due to not sleeping too well recently, rather than the short walk this morning.

A gentleman called Stephen Dawson has posted on my guestbook  that he walked Walk 1 of the Chiltern Chain Walk yesterday! I am so glad that someone else has walked part of this long-distance path that I spent many months devising and walking! I knew Stephen was planning to walk some of it, as he had previously kindly pointed out an error on one of the maps I produced for the walk. I really must make an effort to ‘publicise’ the Chiltern Chain Walk, I’ve been meaning for ages to contact a couple of local Rambler’s groups about it.

Stephen also asked if it was possible to configure my guestbook so that it doesn’t show email addresses – I’ve emailed my web host to see if this is possible, but I’m not too hopeful. I’ve always suspected that having to have your email address displayed to all and sundry has probably put people off putting comments in the guest book.

People can of course make comments buy emailing me at, I’m always pleased to hear from people.

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