Kensworth-Ivinghoe Beacon walk again

Today I did my walk from Kensworth to Ivinghoe Beacon and back, yet again. The weather forecast was for sunny intervals, but they never materialised and so it was yet another grey and gloomy day. I took photographs of the walk hoping to put them on my web site, but because the sun never came out they are all very drab and grey. I’ll have to do the walk again another day, when I’m a bit luckier with the weather.

I won’t describe the route, you’ve probably read it here many times before. There was very little of note in the way of wildlife, though I did see a Buzzard between Studham and Hudnall and there were a flock of Goldfinches on Ivinghoe Beacon. Annoyingly I got blisters on my left foot – I haven’t really suffered from blisters for ages, this was my own fault as there were large holes in my SealSkinz sock! So I limped rather walked most of the way back from the Beacon.

I thought I’d found an unusual wildflower at Whipsnade Heath on my way back, but it turned out to be Lucerne (or Alfalfa) a common fodder crop. I’ve come across fields of it elsewhere, but nowhere locally so I’m not sure how it got to the roadside at Whipsnade Heath.

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