Short local walk, yet again

I had hoped to do a long walk yesterday (Saturday, 22nd November 2008) but I’ve had a bit of an upset stomach the last couple of days and didn’t sleep well. I felt a bit rough on Saturday morning, but was OK by lunchtime so did a short local walk in the afternoon.

I followed what has now become my usual route for a short local walk, through Whipsnade Heath and along the bridleway from Whipsnade to the Downs. From the foot of the Downs I took the steep path up to the car park on Bison Hill, and followed the bridleway from there back to Whipsnade. I varied the route slightly at this point, following a path through the large green that ran parallel to the road and then went down the old lane towards Holywell. I then turned left and followed footpaths to Holywell, returning home the usual way via Dovehouse Lane and the Whipsnade Road.

It was a bitterly cold afternoon – I was soon wearing two pairs of gloves to keep my fingers warm, and had my coat hood pulled over my thermal hat. I soon warmed up a bit, and removed one pair of gloves and my thermal hat. Otherwise it was a pleasant afternoon, the sun occasionally appearing between the numerous clouds.

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