Wendover Woods and Wigginton again

Yesterday (Friday 27th March 2009) I repeated my walk from Wendover Woods to Wigginton, which is Walk 5 of my Chiltern Chain Walk. It’s a very nice walk that I always enjoy, about 12.5 miles long. After the fine weather I had for the three walks I did last week, sadly the weather had turned wintry again – grey, cold and windy. I had to return to wearing my winter woolies again – coat, warm trousers, woollen hat and mitts.

I didn’t take many photos – the walk is already on my web site (twice!) and the grey conditions didn’t do the scenery justice. I spotted Wood Anemones and some Primroses, and saw my first Wood Sorrel of the year (in Barn Wood, southeast of Wendover). I heard Buzzards in a couple of places, but otherwise there were no bird or mammal sightings to report.

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