Three hour local walk

This morning I went on a three-hour local walk – I had the specific intention of looking for Wood Sorrel in Great Bradwin’s Wood, near Studham. I’d seen it growing there last Spring, and some photos of this attractive wildflower on the WildAboutBritain site inspired me to look for it again.

I took my usual route to Holywell, via the Whipsnade road and Dovehouse Lane, then crossed a huge field to reach Byslips Road – I heard and then saw a Buzzard near Oldhill Wood. There were just one or two Bluebells flowering in Byslips Wood, and then I followed the ‘public highway’ to Roe End ( a green lane between hedges, that is signed as a ‘public highway’ rather than footpath or bridleway).

From Roe End, I turned right onto the farm track to Beechwood Home Farm. I turned right again, pasing the farm and entering Gravelpit Wood, where a female Muntjac crossed the track ahead of me. Further on I entered Great Bradwin’s Wood, and was successful in seeing Wood Sorrel.

I followed the path across the top of Studham Common, and passed near to Studham church. I then followed the bridleway to Whipsnade Zoo. As I followed the zoo fence I spotted a clump of Bluebells in flower. I then made my way along the old lane between Holywell and Whipsnade, turning off right to go to Whipsnade Church, and then returned home via Whipsnade Heath.

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