Update to my web site

Last night I updated my web site “Pete’s Walks” – there was a slight technical hitch, but I think I’ve sorted it out now.

The main thing I’ve added is a journal for the Chess Valley Walk, which I did on Wednesday (10 miles each way). There are also a few more photos, including four new wildflowers.

Tomorrow I hope to walk the first half of the Ver-Colne Valley Walk.

I will continue to add walks straight to the web site rather than to this blog (see the “Latest Walks” section of the web site). I will use the blog just to report on other things, such as visits to nature reserves.

A couple of weeks ago I had all my furniture and belongings brought out of storage and delivered here to my parent’s house. It’s been a struggle fitting things in, and a lot of stuff has had to be dumped or recycled. But we’re getting there – I just have masses of boxes and things to sort out in the garage now.

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