Milton Keynes Boundary Walk – Day 3

Today I did my 3rd walk on the Milton Keynes Bounday Walk, starting at Weston Underwood and finishing … well, in the middle of nowhere! I didn’t pass through any villages or hamlets all day, just a few isolated farms and cottages. There were three sections through woods, the rest was through arable fields. In fact, I was beginning to get a bit bored of corn fields at one point. I saw a couple of Buzzards, and many wildflowers (but nothing new – except possibly Nettle-leaved Bellflower, I’ve got to check that one). The walk was 7.8 miles each way, but took me 6 hours of walking, almost an hour longer than it should – probably due to the much greater number of photos I’m taking nowadays. It was a pleasant enough walk, and a decent day – warm but not too warm, with a bit of a breeze.

The next walk might be delayed – it goes through Turvey, where there is currently a severe flood warning for the Great Ouse!

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