Milton Keynes Boundary Walk – Day 4

I parked in Turvey, and started by walking back to where I finished the last walk, near Threeshire Wood. Turned round and headed back to Turvey. The countryside was mainly corn fields with a few woods dotted about. Not exactly flat, gently undulating. When I crossed the river Great Ouse into Turvey, there was a ‘Flood’ warning sign lying on its back, so it looks like they may have had flooding recently. No sign of it today, fortunately, the river was several feet below the tops of its banks. It was past 1pm when I got back to Turvey – it felt like I was starting a second walk as I continued south towards the village of Astwood. The path was mainly along hedges through corn or oil-seed rape fields (the rape had generally been cut and was lying in strips waiting to be collected up). Eventually I reached a lane, and went half way along it towards Astwood, before turning back to Turvey.

Not a great walk today, but not bad by any means. Some nice views in the afternoon. Not many wildflowers, but several butterflies – lots of peacocks on teasel in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I think I’ll go looking for wildflowers, and then I’ll write this walk up for my journal on Sunday.

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