Local walk in Kensworth

This morning I did a 40-minute walk round the footpaths here in Kensworth, again with my brother Tim. I hadn’t planned on walking today, but it was such a lovely day it would have been a shame to spend it entirely indoors.

We walked up the road and took the footpath that goes across and then along the valley towards the quarry. There was a car rally being held here, with a number of cars (ranging from old open-top sports cars to modern hatchbacks) being driven around a course. There were a couple of points where they had to go up a very steep bank, then reverse down.

We walked up the steep path beside the quarry, and turned right to head towards Church End, the old part of the village around the 12th century church. We went a short distance along Hollick’s Lane, then took a path back to the main part of the village close to where the petrol station used to be. It was then a short stroll up the road, passing the Farmer’s Boy, back home.

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