Stroll round Ashridge

I haven’t been for a walk for ages – unfortunately I’ve had a cold/sore throat/chest infection for a couple of weeks or so. My chest is still very congested, but I managed to stroll round Ashridge for a couple of hours this morning.

I saw a Treecreeper, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a large flock of Redwings and a pair of Buzzards. I saw about 30 Fallow deer in the large pasture beside the Ringshall-Berkhamsted road, and another group of about a dozen just the other side of that road. I followed a few paths I’d not taken before – I didn’t have a set route when I set off, just a rough idea of the area I wanted to walk through, and I diverted down inteersting-looking paths whenever the fancy took me. This was a stroll to enjoy nature, rather than a proper walk, and very pleasant and relaxing it was too!

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