Short local walk

I’m still not feeling 100%, with a lot of congestion on my chest, so I just did a fairly short local walk this morning.

I took my usual route to Holywell, via the Whipsnade road and Dovehouse Lane. For a change, I walked through Holywell itself and then took the footpath to Studhamchurch. Just outside holywell there were two Hares in the centre of a large stubble field. As I got near Studham church, I saw two Lapwings, a distant mixed flock of Rooks and Jackdaws, and a small flock of Yellowhammers.

I walked through the woods near the church and across fields to Whipsnade Golf Course. I crossed about five fairways and took the path along the edge of Whipsnade Zoo – there was a large flock of Lapwings in one of the zoo paddocks, and I heard a Skylark (as I did in two or three other places today).

I followed the old lane from Holywell to Whipsnade, and took the path to Whipsnade church.  On the way back to Kensworth I explored parts of Whipsnade Heath that I’d not visited since I was a child.

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